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The Smith Sisters of Moorefield

The Jacob Smith Family

Jacob Smith married Nancy Entter (daughter of John Entter and Barbara Nace) on September 17, 1828 in Romney, Hampshire County Virginia.  They had three sons and six daughters.

In 1850 Jacob (49) and Nancy (39) Smith were living in with their children John Thomas (21, Mary Susan (12), Margaret (11), Barbara Catherine (8), David G (6), Emily J (5,) and George W (3) in Hardy County Virginia.

In 1860 Jacob (57) and Nancy (52) Smith were living with their children Mary (23), Emily (13), George (12), Frances (10) and Celia (8) in Moorefield, Hardy County Virginia.

April 25, 1869 Nancy Entler Smith died in Hardy County.  She was born in 1808 in Hampshire County Virginia.

In 1870 Jacob Smith (67) was living with his daughters Emily (24) and Celia (17) in Moorefield, West Virginia.

March 29. 1880 Jacob Smith (75) died of hepatitis in Burlington in Mineral County West Virginia.  He was born in Pennsylvania in 1805 and had worked as a carpenter and joiner.

The Smith Sisters

Standing:  Frances Rebecca Smith Combs and Celia M Smith
Sitting Mary Susan Smith Wilson and Barbara Catherine Smith Roberts
Missing:  Margaret Smith and Emily J Smith Teets 

Mary Susan
Mary Susan Smith was born on July 20, 1837 in Hampshire County Virginia.  In 1861 she married John Wesley Wilson from Warren County Virginia in Hardy County Virginia.  They had ten children. John died in 1909.  Mary died July 30, 1918 in Moorefield, West Virginia.

Margaret Smith was born in 1938 in Virginia.  Margaret disappeared from records after 1850.  Did she marry?  Did she have children?

Barbara Catherine
Barbara Catherine Smith was born in 1842 in Virginia.  Barbara married Jeremiah Roberts in 1866.  They had moved to Jefferson in Madison County Ohio by 1870.  They had eight children.  Barbara died July 12, 1921 in Columbus in Franklin County Ohio.

Frances Rebecca “Fanny”
Frances R Smith was born June 10, 1850 in Virginia.  On October 18, 1871 she married Samuel Combs (born 1849 in Virginia) in Hardy County Virginia.  They had nine children. Samuel died November 30, 1923 in Moorefield.  Fanny died February 11, 1930 in Hampshire County West Virginia.

Emily J
Emily J. Smith was born September 28, 1846 in Hardy County Virginia.  Emily married John B Teets in 1879.  They lived in Mineral County West Virginia.  They had one child.  Emily died March 4, 1934 in Gore in Hampshire County West Virginia.

Celia M
On April 23, 1853 Celia M. Smith was born in Moorefield.  In 1870 Celia Smith (17) was living in the home of her father Jacob (67) with her sister Emily (24) in Moorefield.  In June of 1870 Mary Susan Smith Wilson (sister of Celia Smith) lived next door to the Solomon Peterson family in Moorefield.  It is probable that Celia met Solomon while visiting her sister. On June 11, 1877 Mary Elizabeth Smith was born to Celia Smith (then about 24 years old) in Moorefield.  She was immediately placed with the Green family in Petersburg, West Virginia who raised her.  In 1880 Celia Smith (27) was living in the home of the widow Sarah Wease and her two daughters, Mary and Rose.  She probably helped care for the Wease household.  Its unclear what she did for the next twenty years.  On June 6, 1903 Celia Smith died at fifty years of age.  She was later moved from her original burial plot to the Smith family plot by her daughter Mary Elizabeth who provided her headstone.

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