Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Legacy of a Generation

This was the eulogy presented at the funeral of Brownley Thornton Stewart on January 8, 2011.  He was the last of eight children of Homer Wilson Stewart and Mary Elisabeth Smith to pass away.

We have come to the end of a generation with the passing of the last living son of Homer and Molly Stewart.  They raised six sons and one daughter right here in this community, in this church, during the depression.
Those who knew them would agree that the Stewart brothers epitomized brotherhood, fatherhood, and neighborhood.  The work ethic and values instilled in them by their parents served them well.  They supported and cared for each other, their families, and their neighbors.  They served their country.  They shared everything they had.  They earned the trust and respect of all who knew them.  I believe the community benefited from them living and working here.
The advice and life lessons they gave to their children, and anyone else who would listen, has served us all well in our lives.  The variety of skills they taught us and the motivation to get the best education possible prepared us for life even in the worst of times.  The Stewart family is truly blessed to have such a heritage and role models.  We got to enjoy their collective wisdom and unique personalities; we really had six dads.  While we miss them, we have so many memories and are much the wiser for having them in our lives.

Now the torch has been passed to our generation.  We, as a family, are obligated to preserve the legacy and pass it on; we have big shoes to fill, but they gave us the tools to be successful citizens.  I only hope and pray we can do as good a job as our fathers and grandparents did.  I want to challenge us all to be the best we can be; let’s make them proud of us. 

The Stewart Brothers
(l-r:  Stanley, Wilson, Brownley, Kendall, Ernest, Pearl)

Molly and Homer Stewart
Sipper Stewart


  1. It was hard to deliver just two days after my father's passing, but I felt strongly that someone should remind our extended family just how blessed we were to have such great role models.