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The Stewart Brothers

Homer Wilson Stewart and Mary Elizabeth Smith had seven sons, one was lost at birth. They raised the other six sons during the early 1900s.  The sons cared for their parents and their sister as they grew up.  It is notable that they had different talents, skills, and jobs which they bartered among themselves to make their families' lives more affordable and comfortable. 

Wilson Alfred Stewart (10/07/1909 - 12/14/1992)
Wilson was the studious one; he read everything.  He was a farmer laborer working on the McDonald farm.  But he also acquired his own farm land and bred prize-winning Dorset sheep.  He married Edna Bess Kent (08/07/1912 - 12/25/1989) on April 8, 1931.  They had three sons:  Howard Wilson Stewart Sr. (10/05/1931 - 04/27/2010), Lewis Edward Stewart (07/16/1934 - 05/20/2008), and Elmer William Stewart Sr. (09/29/1938 - 11/06/2010).

Charles Edward Stewart (12/03/1910 - 12/03/1910)
Charles died at birth.

Pearl Daniel Stewart (12/11/1911 - 11/10/1999)
Pearl was the gentle one.  He worked as a farm laborer and then as a coal miner.  He married Katherine Bruce (12/15/1917 - 10/22/1973) in 1936. They had two sons and three daughters.

Homer Ernest Stewart (09/04/1913 - 12/1984)
Ernest was an entrepreneur, starting and running several stores and gas stations.  He also had a truck to allow him to take foods and goods from his store out into the community. Ernest married Mary Eleanor Kent (02/07/1914 - 02/16/2004).  They had three sons and three daughters.  Their oldest daughter was Mary Rosalie (06/03/1941 - 04/01/2014).

Kendall Smith Stewart (08/18/1915 - 12/31/1979) (US Army WWII)
Kendall worked as a farm laborer in his youth, but he went to Parkersburg to work in a hotel. He later moved to Cleveland to work in the steel industry before going to war.  In 1947 he had a home in Cleveland.  Upon his return to Williamsport he pursued a career as a farmer, amassing a farm of approximately 1000 acres. Kendall married and divorced Ella (03/26/1914 - 12/02/1979).

Brownley Thornton Stewart (04/07/1917 - 01/06/2011) (US Army WWII)
Brownley loved woodworking from his boyhood.  But he went to Parkersburg to work in a hotel to help support his family before going to war.  He pursued carpentry upon his return and it became his career.  He married Emma Jane Dalton (01/03/1926 - 09/28/1986) on October 26, 1946.  Their first son, Don Homer Stewart (09/13/1950 - 09/13/1950) died in childbirth.  They subsequently had two daughters and one son.

Stanley William Stewart (05/13/1919 - 12/23/2003) (TEC 5 US Army WWII)
Stanley also went to Parkersburg to work in a hotel to help support his family before going to war.  Upon his return he started a logging business.  He never gave up his love of horses and motorcycles. Stanley married Mary Thornton Elizabeth Bruce (03/24/1909 - 01/03/2003).  They had one son, Stanley Homer Stewart (12/22/1950 - 05/20/1992).

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